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KRONES FLEXWave – Innovative heating using microwaves

Microwave heating technology for stretch-blow moulding technology.

This innovative system is significant in such that the heating process for the stretch-blow moulding is individually adjustable and can be monitored. As opposed to existing systems, microwave technology is used for the first time here. The solution is characterised by:

  • 50% energy reduction,
  • significantly shorter heating-up time and cooling-down time without heating up of the surroundings,
  • reduction of the conversion time due to less formatting components.

This new process enables the reaction to all the parameters using control mechanisms and the increased efficiency in production. This aspect is particularly important as these machines are mainly linked directly to the filling process.

Furthermore, the jury also sees sustainable success in the future use of low-cost raw material together with process reliability with this appliance.

Participant/Developer: Krones AG
Manufacturer: Krones AG

Download photo: